Capacity Building for IKRA member

Capacity Building for IKRA member

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Tiara Global Coffee

Producing all types of gayo coffee by involving the surrounding community to participate in sorting and wrapping coffee into packaging. With 21 employees, the production capacity reaches 10-20 tons per month with marketing reaching Aceh.

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Nusantara Fabric Collection

Asta Dadapan Indah

Asta Dadapan Indah is an industrial home of printed batik and batik. Asta Dadapan Indah is a buanik group batik subsidiary. Asta dadapan beautifully moves in premium batik class, while batik biuanik moves in business class. 

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Capacity Building Industri Kreatif Syariah (IKRA) Indonesia

R. Muhammad Suherman
Irna Mutiara
Fashion Designer
Haryo Pramoe
Wignyo Rahadi
Fashion Designer
Andi Yulianto
Branding Consultant & Co-Founder Kinaya Consultant
Vivi Mar'i Zubedi
Fashion Designer
Ali Charisma
Fashion Designer & National Chairman Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC)




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