Indonesian Creative Industry or abbreviated as IKRA Indonesia is a platform that brings together sharia business actors in the halal fashion and food / beverage sectors. IKRA Indonesia covers holistic business development in a holistic manner including capacity development, strengthening branding, strengthening marketing, and providing domestic and foreign market outlets. The aim of the formation of IKRA Indonesia is to increase the penetration of superior products of sharia businesses so they can penetrate and compete in the global market.

The establishment of IKRA Indonesia is an initiation from Bank Indonesia and Vivi Zubedi Indonesia Foundation to build a sustainable ecosystem for the development of sharia business products in Indonesia. The initiation was poured in the form of a platform which can be accessed online through www.ikraindonesia.com. IKRA Indonesia provides opportunities for business people who have commitment and enthusiasm to contribute significantly to advancing the Islamic business to penetrate and compete in the global market.

Inaugurated on 11th Des 2018 at Indonesia Sharia Ecoonomic festival (ISEF) 2019, until today IKRA Indonesia has 136 members spread across regions in Lhokseumawe, West Sumatra, DKI Jakarta, West Java, Kediri, Yogyaarta and east Java. The Selection process and assistance are involving professional enterpreneur in fashion and food sector to encourage sharia enterprenourship that can compete locally and globally.