Jawa Barat, Garut

Beras Unggul Munjul



The “CIAWITALI” farmer group is a rice farming group in Ciwitali Kp was established in 2011 with initial members of 35 people. The establishment of the Ciawitali farmer group was confirmed by the Government of the Mangkurayat Village in 2011. Members of the farmer group had 75 members, for members who applied 40 non-organic rice and 35 people for members who applied organic rice from 2014 to when this. The background of the establishment of the Ciawitali farmer group which aims to increase people’s income and as a media or a place to learn to find solutions to problems faced by farmers and open opportunities for people to deceive as well improve themselves in economic development. The application of organic rice cultivation to Ciawitali farmer groups is motivated by the Government program and has been certified SNI No.6729: 2017 in 2017 with an organic land area of 20 Ha.


Beras Unggul Munjul
Rp. -
Kelompok Ciawitali, Kp. Ciawitali, Garut
Rp 17.000 - 30.000