1. Register Your Business as a Seller or Buyer

By filling out the company profile information form, company data and some complete company documents.

2. Corporate Data Verification Process

IKRA Admin will verify and validate the company data that you have submitted. If the data that you submit meets the IKRA criteria, you will receive an email information that your account is active.

3. Login to IKRA Business Matching

After your account is active, you can login using your account to the Business Matching page.

4. Buyer selects Seller

The buyer searches for the Seller member he wants to meet. Search for member sellers can be done on the Member Buyer dashboard page by looking at the Seller member profile and sending chat messages if you want to ask for more complete information.

5. Buyers submit Meeting Schedule

After determining the options to be found, the Buyer chooses the date and time to enter into a meeting agreement with the Seller. The Seller will receive an email notification requesting the meeting schedule from the Buyer.

6. Seller confirms Meeting Schedule with Buyer

The seller confirms whether he can have a meeting on that date and time. If you can, then click the Accept schedule meeting button, if you canot, the Seller member can Reschedule until both parties agree to the meeting schedule.

7. Buyer and Seller meet at the Business Matching event

After the meeting schedule is approved, Member Buyers and Sellers can meet at the Business Matching Event according to the agreed schedule.

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