DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Timur

CV. Putra Kaya Sejahtera (Chillibag)



These Sambal products and seasonings with attractive and practical packaging are Indonesian flavors of chili and spices from Sabang to Merauke. Currently there are 18 variants of sambal including sambal terasi, sambal roa, wooden fish sauce, sambal teri. In addition to seasoning chili products there are 5 variants of fried rice seasoning and 2 variants of pickled spices. The raw materials include chili and onions obtained directly from farmers in the West Java region and premium quality seasonings from traditional wholesale markets. Currently it has employed 12 permanent employees who process products in a home industry but are marketed not only in Indonesia but in several neighboring countries and become the pride of Indonesian culinary experts.


Sambal dan Bumbu Praktis
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Sambal dan Bumbu Praktis
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Jl. Buni No 1 Utan Kayu Jakarta Timur
Rp 19.250 - 40.000